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Any home or business can get infested by mold very fast if there is water damage for example via a roof or a plumbing leak. When you need mold removal or remediation services in North Carolina, you should call us at Service Restoration of North Carolina. We have been providing mold removal services in homes and businesses in the North Carolina area for more than thirty years. We mainly operate in North Carolina and nearby cities of Gastonia, Indian Trail, Concord, Matthews, and Charlotte.

North Carolina Property Owners Call Us for Mold Removal Services

We are a local removal company that aims at providing impeccable mold removal services. The products we use are EPA approved in the form of a spray. We use mold remediation solutions that are non-invasive and plant-based to guarantee the safety of our clients and their home or business premises. Our mold removal experts are certified, experienced, and insured to provide reliable services. We respond fast and depending on the condition of your home or business, we get rid of your mold problem in as less as 48 hours. We have the right equipment and expertise to provide different mold removal services. Therefore, whether you need mold removal from the basement or you are looking for whole-house remediation, we are here to help you. If you suspect you have a mold problem in your property, call us so that we can schedule an inspection!

Mold Removal Company That Cares About North Carolina

Mold removal should be done right from the start to avoid associated problems. Mold can lower the value of your property depending on your location and the extent of mold growth. Therefore, stop taking any chances or postponing contacting us. When you contact us to handle your mold removal problem in North Carolina, we follow all the necessary steps to provide effective services. It is important to understand that mold can cause health problems to house occupants if it is not removed fast. Hence, if you think you have a mold problem in your property, don’t hesitate to call us to be on the safer side.

Mold Remediation Services of High Quality and Value

If you require mold removal services, hiring a competent mold removal company is the best option. However, knowing which mold Removal Company is quite hard if you don’t research well. We have been offering mold removal services in North Carolina and surrounding cities for more than 30 years. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider us with your mold removal problems:
·    24/7 emergency services
·    Our experts are certified and we provide high-quality standards
·    We guarantee the use of current code standards
·    We live in your community (we are located in North Carolina)
·    We promise to meet your restoration deadlines
·    We have vast experience in dealing with insurance companies
·    Our technicians are highly experienced to deal with different types of molds

If you have a mold problem, you already have enough on your plate. Consider calling us to learn more about our complete restoration services in North Carolina. We promise to take care of all your mold removal problems and we won’t disappoint.

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Mold damage is not to be taken lightly no matter how small the problem may seem. Keep in mind that mold grows like an iceberg, so that what you see at the surface is only a mere portion. If you want the damage to be resolved with the importance it deserves, the only thing you have to do is call us.

We do everything in our capacity to ensure that your building will get back to normal in almost no time, relieving you from all unnecessary headaches. Contact us today for quality services that will change your building’s state for the better.